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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 5, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: good morning, everybody, still dark out. ben: have you noticed days are getting shorter? juliet: trying to pretend it is not happening. juliet: trying to pretend it is not happening. ben: we used to have some sunlight. juliet: get ready for a warm and humid day. we can expect relief and what is happening in the weekend. ben: cars are moving on the new jersey turnpike after an accident caused a huge back up that went for miles and left
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people stuck for hours all they. ines has a look. juliet: synthetic marijuana, it is called what a nice weed. we will explain why. ben: candidates taking place in tomorrow's debate. the only place to see it on fox news channel, 9:00 tomorrow from cleveland. i will be there and will bring you whatever happens friday morning. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is 5:01, wednesday, august 5th. thanks for being with us. juliet: let's get to michael. it is hump day. >> meteorologist: feeling it today. ben: he has the energy. >> meteorologist: that doesn't happen. ben: you get a good night's sleep? >> meteorologist: this week has been pretty good sell farm.
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doesn't always happen. >> everybody is good. we will keep it this way. the weekend is getting close to extra energy, a 59 in monticello, 50 in sussex, 68 in bridgeport, 65 in montauk, and our dew points, take a quick look because it is different this morning and the other day, 55 degree dewpoint not back in central park, higher in newark, 59, 61 degree dewpoint in bridgeport but generally speaking the air is drying out a little bit and will make us more comfortable out there. if we are between 56, and 60 is pretty comfortable and that is what we have this morning, for a little while to come humidity's taking a break. so we have that cold front moving its way off shore helping pick up showers and storms journey yesterday but things are much quieter. of little extra lift in the atmosphere to the north of us.
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new hampshire into maine, they will see showers, we won't have a problem. it will be about the area of high pressure in control keeping temperatures a little cooler and calm were all together with the weather but high pressure is in control to date into tomorrow, still a small chance of showers mainly to the northwest but this is what we are more focused on, what will be happening with the area of low pressure as it approaches the tristate region toward later thursday into friday, yesterday looked like it would come on top of us, today to the south. that being the case that is where you will see showers to the south. more clouds and showers chance of showers, more about cooler temperatures and not so much about the rain as we head towards the weekend. gillick chance but not that great a chance. i temperature 87 with mainly sunny skies, sunny tomorrow, high of 82 and small shower
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weekend looks good. let's see what is going on on this wednesday morning. hopefully it will be much quieter. ines: let's start with the commute, the expressway doing good. construction related. the verrazzano and the parkway looks pretty good, queens things are pretty good on the lie. let's go to our cameras and see morning. no problems from nassau county to queens west bound or east bound, new jersey turnpike, but go to cameras, a turnpike towards 13 a, all lanes reopened, delay is well into midnight before they opened up the roadway. this morning that commute looking good, no problems northbound or southbound, 109 also doing fine and dealing with volume. you are fine with the gwb upper
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the lincoln or holland tunnel, two trains, no service in either direction between atlantic avenue and wall street. the rest of the trains are on or close. ben: the turnpike opened once again after at terrible day of delays yesterday following the deadly dump truck crash and fire. juliet: the truck was traveling and a major toll road yesterday morning. the driver didn't notice the tow truck ahead of it slowing down and swam right into the car it was telling. the driver of the dump truck died. live wires dangling over the highway and traffic remained back up well into the evening. look at that. we talk to stuck commuters and this was their experience. >> this is insane. >> bumper-to-bumper with detours to bumper-to-bumper here. >> it is frustrating.
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very frustrating. >> it could be -- we are healthy and got to be happy. >> some decided to make the most of the nightmare, she sunbathed, on the side of the highway, the ball around, got to do what you got to do sometimes. ben: sandra leigh has been arrested hospital. several reports say she had an emergency related to her recent mastectomy. it is said to be a painful fluid buildup in the area where she had the surgery. she will be in hospital for a couple days, she had that doubled respected me in may after being diagnosed with breast cancer. we wish her well. a good friend of "good day new york". juliet: a very sweet woman. awarding going on about synthetic marijuana. ben: is cheap but so dangerous police officers are being told to watch out for it.
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twenty-third precinct in east harlem with more. >> reporter: good morning. as the nypd get more lenient when it comes to those small amounts of marijuana that they are training officers to deal with a different drug, a k-2 or synthetic marijuana. a growing concern across the city especially in east harlem. in this video you are about to see the dangers of this drug. this video shot by police from out-of-state joy as the effects of synthetic a.k.a. k 2, you can see a naked man attempting to break through a fence, then he tries to run away from police and this video from brooklyn shows a naked man crouching on all fours in the middle of the street. acting violent and delusional. >> many of them under the influence of this drug totally crazy. impervious to payne.
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are not going to work. it will take combination of taser is and more officers. >> reporter: bill brendel news conference where he talked about the dangers of k 2. at tactical awareness bulletin on the drug is being distributed to police to teach them to identify and control users of the drug. can 2 has the consistency of marijuana but is cheap, $5 or less for a packet. >> it looks like marijuana but is laced with chemicals and as fast as we can identify the chemicals and get that particular chemical, they change the makeup of it. >> reporter: officials say the drug is popular in east harlem, parts of brooklyn and the bronx especially among the city's homeless population. >> looks at some statistics april 1st to june 30th of this year, 1,900 missions to the hospital emergency rooms
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individuals who took the substance. >> against state law to sell medical marijuana, a number of areas that been busted for selling it. police commissioner bill brennan says if you encounter somebody on the street might be on k 2 stay away from them and immediately call police. that is the latest from east harlem. back to you. >> it is 5:09, new rules are proposed to inspect cooling towers in the city for legionnaires' disease. the mayor outlined the new legislation yesterday. more than 80 people have been diagnosed in the latest outbreak, seven have died. the city says the always was traced to handful of cooling towers that have been decontaminated. >> we should see the beginning in about a week's time declining numbers of cases and that is something we are hopeful we are already seeing. juliet: the disease is not
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spread person to person, symptoms include a cough, fever and shortness of breath. ben: the fbi is investigating private e-mail server hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state according to a report in washington post, the newspaper said the fbi asked her lawyer about the security of the thumb drives containing copies of those e-mails. the e-mails at been scrutinized since it was revealed she is the private server in her chapel of home instead of government servers. government investigators and those on capitol hill want to know whether classified information was and received an secured. juliet: the field is set. you will be there tomorrow. donald trump bent jeb bush taking part in tomorrow night's there. >> there are big names that will not be involved including both sides. robert moses here with this. >> reporter: it is hard to
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in the campaign season that is full of this much intrigue. donald trump has established a very healthy lead so he has the most to lose of any of these candidates. the question is will he exudes his trademark brashness tomorrow night on stage or will he rain it in a bit? the stage is set and here is the line up. donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, chris christie, john kasich. all rise on donald trump who will take center stage literally and figuratively. in an interview last night with bill o'reilly he admitted to being a bit nervous but said he hasn't rehearsed much. >> don't know how you can rehearse for a debate. i watched mitt romney, he let us down last time. he rehearsed. in that third debate was catastrophic. i don't know what happened to him but you have to be yourself. >> reporter: besides donald
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trump many will watch the debate to see how george bush performs-jeb bush performs machine will be asked about this controversial comment he made yesterday. >> the next president should defund planned parenthood. >> reporter: wasn't sure the federal government needed to provide as much funding as it does to address women's health issues. he later said he misspoke but his words drew criticism from hillary clinton. you are absolutely unequivocally wrong, she tweeted. the debate will allow candidates to address the issues which sometimes have gotten lost in all the political theater. donald trump provided more of that yesterday. after gawker published a cellphone number for him he tweeted thank you, call me on my cell phone and listen to my campaign message so we did. >> this is donald trump and i'm running for presidency of the united states of america. with your help and support together we can make america a truly great again. >> reporter: if you plan to
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leave donald trump message on your cellphone think of something else because his voice mailbox is full. i tried. among those who didn't make the cut for this debate are george pataki and rick perry. they will be among those participating in an earlier televised forum, at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. as a less prominent time slot, some are calling this the the j.d. debate, these candidates might get more air time because there were fewer of them and think about the fact the tweeting candidates, that will be a circus if it devolves into something with donald trump and a candidate. >> moderators are going to be very good about that. >> that earlier forum may be better at sneaking interest. ben: at least four of the candidates, and read something each candidate in this
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and ten minutes of speaking time. ten people only two hours and -- >> will that be divided equally. >> you have questions time, there might be closing statements. we will see. >> robert moses. >> a lot more still to come including -- juliet: billy joel. >> the final show at the nassau coliseum last night. we will bring some highlights and michael has of forecasts for s. >> a bid for wednesday, sunny skies, a few clouds, less humid, nice and dry, start of temperatures 75 in the upper 80s. weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, download for free and put it to work.
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>> i don't know we are using it correctly, it is then known in you are using it as a descriptor. fair enough. >> i am confused. dave: need this show is at phlumadiddle. >> meteorologist: looking at you. >> meteorologist: kind of a fun word to say. let's work on this and see what we can come up with. 75 degrees central park, our dewpoint at 5 degrees and humidity, the air is dry and comfortable but warm alan there. let's see what is going on regionally in syracuse 63 degrees, in pittsburgh, 60 indeed truly, cooler air working
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a couple things happen, the weather scenario, here is what we see on radar, the offshore waters, a lot of action where the frontal boundary came through yesterday is residing and drifting out to sea and fade away. folks on what is next, there's a trough to the northeast that could keep a few showers over the extreme northern sections of new york as well as new hampshire and back into new england, you could see a few showers, some of that wants to bleed into extreme northwestern sections but we won't get much out of it. another area of low pressure will swing by, looks like it is heading to the south of us, looks like it will come over us, it doesn't look so bad because it is heading south, less humid, high temperature 87 degrees in the city, 82 is your high tomorrow and shower chances still there but minor on friday
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ben: said and sunday and monday looking good. temperatures in thes, keep that in mind. download for free right now, check it out. i was thinking it would be 5:40. let's bring in ines rosales. >> a good start in the persephone area, long island and suffolk county looks great on the lie and nassau county, same for the sending state. let's take a look at the cross bronx, no issues or construction eastbound and westbound. long island railroad, metro-north, new jersey transit and pass trains fine or close to schedule.
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juliet: i love this. ben: long island, piano man moved out of the coliseum playing the last of her concert. juliet: billy joel packed the coliseum before the place gets major renovation, he closed with only the good die young to. he played the last concert at shea stadium before it closed in 2008. rosanna scotto my have done at. don mahoney, packed with people. a lot more coming up. robert downey jr. is the highest the actor in hollywood but you
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juliet: netflix raised the bar for tech companies offering its workers who are new parents up to on year of paid leave. oh my gosh. employees can take as much time as they want during the first year of km. generous beaten by silicon valley standards. companies have been boosting perks, trying to attract talented workers and faces up way to do it. netflix already offers all employees on limited time offers. oh my gosh. ben: some employees around here seem to have unlimited time off. juliet: chief talent officer which is what i want to be says experience shows people perform better when they don't have to worry about home wife. not that i ever want to leave this company because i have worked here for 20 years. ben: two the world's highest-paid actors, maybe not a top spot, robert downey jr. a
5:22 am
iron man himself. $80 million in the past year not too bad. the female list will come out in a couple weeks but he might not have guessed the next spot, jackie chan, hong kong's beloved comedy and actions are earned $50 million, of being diesel surprising with the start of $40 million. followed by bradley cooper, he is everywhere it seems lately, and this is shocking, adam sandler, the man hasn't made a good movie in 20 years, right behind him with $40 million, bad movies. the actors list coming su. coming up october 21st, 2015, is the year and day marty nicolai visited his back to the future part ii, we don't have flying cars but we do have cover boards. juliet: sort of. the new cover board, a perot
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in germany. it uses superconductors which recall magnets embedded under the surface so not quite the same. pretty cool nevertheless.
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: it is wednesday morning, august 5th. juliet dropped something. looking at that nice day, less humidity out there today, still pretty warm, mid to upper 80s. mike woods has details in his forecast coming up. juliet: what a difference a day makes me give you were stuck on the turnpike yesterday i am so sorry because that is a nightmare having to sit there ought hot day. the cars luckily once again moving in the turnpike area, one day after accident brought traffic to a standstill, a deadly accident. ben: police need your help capturing a burglar who broke into six places in midtown. look at that. juliet: kelly osborn's
5:26 am
controversial comments, she is apologizing and you will hear what she had to save coming up. ben: good morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: of complement's. juliet: extensions can be damaging and itchy and drive you crazy. ben: mike and i don't have that problem. >> meteorologist: i think i saw when you were doing your hair studying to see if it is up there. ben: sometimes they can be great. juliet: they -- >> meteorologist: you are done, i like this look. ben: i like it too. juliet: it is fresh. >> meteorologist: let's get you going, a in a more comfortable on days like today, starting to tree in back down, 75 at central park, 61 in poughkeepsie and belmar sitting at 66, your dewpoint at 54, belmar 55,
5:27 am
central park, pretty comfortable range and that is a good thing, high pressure in control, clear skies looks like a beautiful day coming, a 84 by midday and high of 87 later this afternoon at least for the city, tomorrow a little cooler with a high of 82, shower chances still there friday but doesn't look that promising. yesterday looked worse. a little bit of an improvement for the forecast by the end of the week and the weekend. let's bring in ines and see what we have, hopefully all the pain done yesterday because that was the mess. greg: 5 the bqe and the turnpike and a different story this morning, not a lot going on, staten island expressway looking good, some very minor construction on the gobbles bridge, as far as new jersey can be it goes, 82, 87 on that. let's take a look at the thruway over by the tappan zee bridge, no issues to report, northbound
5:28 am
side smooth sailing. metro-north long island rail road, the pass trains on schedule. >> police searching for a serial burglar. >> that man, a good shot at him, six apartments, this is surveillance video on a fire escape during the latest burglary on july 25th, he got away with electronics, jewelry, credit cards and cash. anyone with information call crime stoppers, the no. 800-577-tips. concerns about synthetic marijuana at. juliet: it is cheap but dangerous. and weapon highest wheat it. the twenty-third precinct on the story.
5:29 am
marijuana is a growing concern, videos to show you the dangers of this drug, this is shot by a police department from out-of-town and you can see there is a naked man on k 2 fence. he tries to run away from police before he is eventually subdued. this next video was actually shot by police department in brooklyn and you can see a naked man crouching on all fours in the middle of a street acting violent. police commissioner bill brennan says this drug makes users feel they have superhuman powers and police officers across the city are trained to deal with people using this drug. it has the consistency of marijuana but is cheap. $5 or less for a packet. >> it looks like marijuana but is laced with chemicals and as fast as we are able to identify
5:30 am
particular chemical, they change the makeup of it. >> reporter: bill brown says many users are homeless and drug is especially popular in east harlem and parts of brooklyn and the bronx. across the city, they have been busted for selling synthetic marijuana. police commissioner bill bratton says if you encounter someone who might be on k 2 you should definitely stay away from them and immediately called police. that is the latest from east harlem, back to you. ben: thanks very much. governor cuomo's longtime girlfriend sandra leigh has been rushed to the hospital. several reports say the food that works are at an emergency related to recent mastectomy. it is a painful fluid buildup in surgery. she will be in the hospital for a couple days, she had a double mastectomy back in may after being diagnosed with breast cancer. juliet: as we get ready for the republican debate which ben will
5:31 am
be covering for us in cleveland the list has been revealed who will be taking part in that event. in the big names on the list but a couple big names of the list. tweeting candidates will debate india the seven running for the presidential nomination on the gop side will take part in a forum earlier in the evening. robert moses is live in a newsroom with whom made the cut. >> reporter: we want to show you how the stage at quick and loans arena will be a raid. of course no surprise the person at center stage is donald trump but jeb bush will be right next to him. that will be interesting to see the interaction because donald trump has not had kind words to say about jeb bush and i want to point out a couple other people on the stage, we mentioned from and jeb bush but chris christie, the ninth candidate to make it into this debate and on this other side john kasich barely snack in yesterday. these are the ten candidates.
5:32 am
here is the full lineup for tomorrow, donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, chris christie and john kasich. fox news selected these ten candidates by looking at the most recent national opinion polls. among prominent names who did not make the cut are rick perry along with former new york governor george pataki. they will participate in an earlier forum tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.. on to the main event, donald trump appeared last night on o'reilly factor with bill o'reilly and admitted he is a bit nervous for tomorrow. >> you don't know what will come at you, you don't know whether people will come or whether or not the three folks asking questions will try to trick you up which is unfortunate. >> reporter: we mentioned all eyes on that main event, ten candidates but what about seven
5:33 am
earlier forum at 5:00 p.m.. those participating in that forum tried to frame it as positively as possible. case in point rick perry on twitter look what he wrote yesterday, i look forward to being at fox news, 5:00 debate for what will be a series of exchange of ideas and positive track. one way of looking at that forum could be these candidates, seven candidates get a little more time and attention than that two who will be tomorrow night, maybe less of a circus in the earlier debate and rick perry is hoping he and the other candidates do get some serious attention even though they are in all less prominent times what. that is the latest live from the newsroom this morning, ben and juliet back to you. ben: if somebody comes out of that debate making a serious impression they could get possibly a bigger bounce than one of the more marginalized candidates in the prime-time debate.
5:34 am
>> reporter: it is still early. ben: someone like rick perry is looking good, lindsey graham or carly fiorina could be a big change in the order of the polling. juliet: time does fly. thanks very much, we will check back in a bit. ben: kelly osborn apologizing for controversial comment. have a listen. >> if you kick every latino out of this country than who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? ben: a failed attempt to call out the donald want of view, she was referring to donald trump's comment on immigration but a lot of people thought she was being racially insensitive implying latinos only clean bathrooms. kelly osborn apologize on facebook saying in part i always take responsibility for my actions in this particular case i will take responsibility for my porch choice of words but i will not apologize for being a racist as i am not. despite her apologies social media has not been very forgiving. juliet: here is assembling.
5:35 am
heading to the stadium early to clean the toilets, right at kelly osborn. kelly osborn is just another rich white person who does not have a clue what goes on outside her bubble of privilege. ben: she comes from a privileged family. juliet: i think it was her intention, when she was trying to imply was not what came out. i generally believe that, not the time buddies with her but i get to what she was trying to say. the execution was not. ben: 5:40, check the forecast of juliet: michael, hello. >> meteorologist: looks like a beautiful day coming up, 75 that central park, dewpoint and humidity of lot lower the winds calm at this hour, temperatures a little warmer than normal. partly cloudy skies in the tristate it looks like showers down to the south of us where the frontal boundary is that came through yesterday and that
5:36 am
from us, looks like light showers are possible in upstate into maine, not much heads this if anything we will be an extreme northwestern sections and that is a quick sprinkle, this little trouble touch back off, doesn't look too threatening. we were more focused on what will come up next, more significant and this is the future cast moving forward to tomorrow morning, still in good shape with mainly clear skies and high pressure in control but the area of low pressure to the south of us typically brings in clouds and showers, not the case this go around because the low pressures far enough south that we miss on most of that action, a few showers here and there, cool temperatures as we wrap up of the work we can't go to the weekend. mostly sunny skies, high temperature 87 degrees and tomorrow you will see a high of 82, 79 your high friday, shower chances out there not a big deal at all and also decent stuff over the weekend, saturday and sunday looking good.
5:37 am
forecast information on your phone, go to the weather apps at the google play store, there for you to download for free and some great stuff. happy birthday to lewis, always watching this on fox 5, good morning and happy birthday. early too. 5:30. let's bring in ines to see what is going on if you're getting up and out the door. ines: some problems towards the george washington bridge, route 80, 95, exit 71 broad avenue expect delays in local lanes, minor slow down. let's go to cameras and look at a long island expressway and that is traffic past the bqe, traffic jammed by woodhaven boulevard blocking two lanes causing delays eastbound and rubbernecking delays westbound. as for the bqe always slow. traffic moving slowly approaching the brooklyn bridge northbound due to construction closing all lanes on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge should be wrapping up in the
5:38 am
next 18 minutes. alternate side of the street in effect today. ben and juliet busted. what you doing? ben: i had something. juliet: attacking this box. ben: much more still to come this morning. juliet: no stopping the mets. i am so happy about this. do it is up next with the highlights and we are going to periscopes the check out twitter. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99.
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juliet: checking your headlines what a mess on the new jersey turnpike yesterday. i can't believe i missed that. almost got on the turnpike myself yesterday but didn't do it. it did lead dump truck crash and big fire left drivers stranded for hours. ben: new rules being proposed to inspect and test cooling towers in the city from legionnaire's disease following 80 diagnoses in seven debts from the latest outbreak. juliet: the first republican debate on fox news has been set. ten candidates including donald trump and jeb bush in the middle, prime time tv, the of the seven running for the nomination will take part in a
5:41 am
more of a forum type of thing. ben: the bike sharing program bikes in 35 stations. the cost will be the same as manhattan, $49 foreign annual membership, weekly and day passes will be available. city bike can keep its rack outside the plaza hotel live an appeals court rejected arguments from the hotel that the bike station changed the landmarks, quote, aesthetic. juliet: i will ride in jersey in the world. ben: i will believe it when i see it. duke: she is cheering on. i am not going. juliet: i will get killed in this e. it is all little more wide open. juliet: take a picture. i really do. i ride bikes. duke: we believe you. ben: cook up some seamless
5:42 am
ordering. what is going on? juliet: game on. duke: i don't believe her. after winning the fourth rate ball game to take sole possession of first place the mets tried to keep the momentum going in miami, top of the sixth marlins leading one-0. and two out single to right, of firing, former florence can do no wrong of late, loses the tag. where would you be without him. top of the eighth, two out again, runners understand second, eric campbell comes. could get anything the 42 weeks ago. 2-1 nets, the next batter, the to run score on this triple year, stand up triple. mets win another one 3, 5-1 the final. they beat arizona last night. the nationals, still one game in the nl east. to the bronx the keys and their
5:43 am
debut of superprospect, could be near future case. anyone around baseball wearing gloves, the yankees did not want to part with him, he is the future. last night they opened a three game set with last place boston red sox bottom of the sixth, mark tiexiera. hitting, drives the second run of the game, 76 rbis. next batter brian mccan go as deep, a-rod comes home. the yanks, 3-2 the. gained now 5-3. mccan again. much more comfortable. it happens a lot with free agent contracts. a nine run inning, yanks win 13-3 the final score.
5:44 am
soccer star christianco ronaldof penn and it describes, it was filmed in madrid, dressed in a fat kid, shaggy we get beard doing extraordinary things with soccer ball but no one seems to notice or care until ronaldall took off for the sky, this video turned back to january. the entire thing was finally released a few days ago. probably the biggest star in the world. ben: highest paid, $75 million a year or something, more than that. juliet: days in the computer screen. don't touch him, not yours. ben: thank you, do. duke: we will go bike riding together. ben: she won't go. juliet: i am going to go. go to the promise not in new jersey. ben: let's check the forecast.
5:45 am
do you believe her? >> meteorologist: almost everybody is all over your case. i don't know. juliet: i know i am so dainty and ladylike. >> meteorologist: those city bike's this is a live shot if you seconds ago from earth cam of the new york harbor, low-cal gorgeous sunrises, sunrise right now also hopefully you get a chance to get out and enjoy. new york harbor looks fantastic. here is what we have, 75 at central park, dewpoint at 55 degrees, the air is dry, perfect morning for a run or bike ride, get the dog out there, get yourself in spite, partly cloudy skies, high clouds in the area but rainmaker is a thing of the past, dropped out of the area with a cold front that came through, high pressure in control, a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, mixed with a few clouds, more showers in upstate new york, don't think much of that comes through, this area of
5:46 am
eye on because the forecast track has been different day today, yesterday looked like it was coming to a said today it looks like it wants to hang south. we will see most of the rain near the nation's capital maybe south jersey but not a lot happening in the tristate even though there's a chance you'll see some showers, the bulk of the rain heads out and that means good news if you don't want the wet weather as you go to the weekend we're getting rid of a lot of it. mostly sunny day, high temperature 87 degrees, tomorrow a high of 82, shower chance coming e.u. friday, not concerned about it. over the weekend it is tried, highs in the lower 80s. let's bring in ines to take a look at the commute which is really picking up this time. ines: some problems out there starting with new jersey, george washington bridge fine in dallas, is outbound on 95 southbound, 71 broad avenue, in the local lanes one lane blocked as far as your commute, nassau
5:47 am
county green, lie northern state, meadowbrook and southern state parkway, let's go to the cameras, we have a long island expressway problem, the traffic past the bqe east bound bumper-to-bumper exit 19 wouldhaven boulevard and accident blocking three lanes on the west down side, normal delays a bit of rubbernecking going on. new jersey turnpike this morning, doing great. all lanes reopened last night, delays eased out 13 a, everything moving without issue, car and truck lanes on the northbound side fine. all lanes are by bike, uconn show these guys you are an outdoor girl. juliet: i can do city bikes. ben: it is going to be. ines: let's show these guys. ben: much more to come. juliet: a love affair we thought would last. eight miss piggy and kermit the
5:48 am
juliet: i feel like this is s denny's new! fantastic four-cheese omelette is packed with crispy bacon and fresh veggies. (explosion) check please! introducing the fantastic four-cheese omelette. denny's. welcome to amercia's diner.
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ben: anna gilligan continues her monthlong vacation so we have your entertainment news. raceme morgan doesn't take a lot of time off, is a fan favorite and yankee stadium. juliet: she was spotted at last night's game behind home plate and met with applause from the crowd 14 months ago, suffered severe injuries when his limo
5:50 am
was struck by a walmart truck. his friend james mcnair died in the crash. morgan says he has not fully recovered but is getting there. another high-profile couple is breaking up. is leaves me choked up. miss piggy and kermit the frog called it quits. ben: 40 years they spent together but they announced on facebook and twitter this breakup convenient becomes a month before the premiere of the muppets tv or read do it. maybe they're trying to drum up some publicity for their new show. stay tuned. i hope they get back together. juliet: they don't throw themselves out there with p r spin. i think she has gotten older, no offense to her, she toned that down a bit. fantastic four making its new york debut in brooklyn. ben: starnes walked the red carpet kai: action packed movie tells the story of two young outsiders
5:51 am
who teleport to an alternate universe and obtain new abilities that allow them to fight to save earth from an easily and opens everywhere friday. that franchise w caress presents
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the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours.
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